ULTRAMESH Reusable Coffee Filter

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A reusable coffee filter made from ultra-fine stainless steel. It fits mugs and small coffee pots and features a non-slip grip.

A reusable coffee filter / Pour over coffee maker with the finest stainless steel mesh available

The ULTRAMESH from GROSCHE is a reusable coffee filter for individual mugs, small coffee pots, or glass beakers. It has a non-slip grip around the bottom edge to ensure sturdiness when placed on a mug or pot. The ultramesh will never rust because the filter is made of 18-8 stainless steel. It also does not trap any of the natural coffee oils, leaving you with the finest, tastiest coffee.

Ultra-fine mesh filter

No more paper filters! Paper filters rob you of the essential oils that are extracted from your ground coffee. With the ULTRAMESH’s ultra-fine 18-8 stainless steel filter, you can get all of the flavour and taste from your coffee. The reusable coffee filter is so fine, it does not even feel like metal. Rather, it feels like smooth and silky like a fine fabric.

Unmatched smoothness – Guaranteed!

The flavor you will get from the filter will be as smooth as the filter itself. It will carry similar boldness to immersion brewing methods, giving you a bold and flavorful cup unlike paper filter pour overs like a Melitta or a Chemex. It will also give you the smoothness to complement the boldness for a truly amazing cup of coffee.

How to make pour over coffee without a paper filter in the Ultramesh

Scoop 3 Tablespoons of coarse to medium ground coffee per mug of coffee you are making into the ULTRAMESH reusable coffee filter. Using just off boil water, splash about 1 ounce of water onto your coffee grounds to allow them to bloom properly, wait 30 seconds minimum. Proceed to pour the remainder of your water in a slow, circular motion across the coffee grounds. This may take several pours as the coffee is supposed to flow through the filter slowly in order to infuse properly.

Perfect to take Camping as well!

This manual coffee maker is perfect to take camping or to keep at the cottage or RV. You can easily make coffee with it one cup at a time or into a pot or carafe. Simply add your ground coffee and pour through it. Remember when it comes to washing it to use a drop of detergent to ensure you get a proper cleaning with it and keep it free flowing.

Easy to use, easy to clean

Simply dump the grinds then wash with a soft sponge and warm soapy water after use. Since this is a ultra-fine filter, it is highly recommended to use some detergent to keep the coffee oils from binding to the mesh after each use, and to keep it free flowing. The ULTRAMESH coffee dripper is also dishwasher safe.