Universal Cloth Siphon Filters – Pack of 10

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Pack of 10 long-lasting cloth siphon coffee filters universal in size designed to fit all siphon coffee makers.

Long-lasting Cloth Siphon Filters

This is a pack of 10 siphon replacement filters designed to fit the GROSCHE Heisenberg and all siphon coffee makers. This type of siphon filter is made of long-lasting cloth and with proper care can be used for 2-3 months.

How to replace your Siphon filter

Replacing your siphon filter is easy. Simply remove your old filter by sliding it off the metal disk. Place the new filter on a flat surface with the two draw strings facing upwards. Place the metal disk and spring piece in the center, pull the two strings to tighten, and then tie a knot to keep it secure.

How to Clean a Siphon Filter

We recommend washing your siphon filter after each use. To clean it, use a mild detergent, warm water, and a scrubbing brush. Make sure to give it a thorough rinse after washing to get rid of any excess detergent. Coffee will stain the filters after first-time use so we like to use OxiClean or bleach after 4-5 uses to get it back to its original colour. You can also soak it in vodka from time to time to remove accumulated oils.

How often should you change your siphon coffee filter?

If you’re using your siphon daily, we recommend changing your filter every 2-3 months. Over time the cloth filters accumulate oil build up which can alter the taste of your coffee. The oil can also change the vacuum coffee flow in your coffee syphon. So if you think its time to change it, it time for a new filter cloth or your vacuum coffee siphon!

GROSCHE Safe Water Project

Your purchase of this product will fund 50+ days of safe drinking water for someone in need through the GROSCHE Safe Water Project. Thank you!